Rice Mixer


Premium Sushi Rice

This unit is our best product for mixing best Sushi Rice.

Award Winning

Best in its class! No Rice Mixer can compare with the quality.

rice mixer


7 - 14kg - Mix vinegar and rice & get perfect Sushi Rice in minutes.


Installation and Maintenance, Support and Service is available.

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Top-Quality Sushi Rice Mixer

Rice Mixer LM-500

Rice / Shari Box

Heat insulated so that the rice is kept warm and fresh.
Capacity: 15 kg of cooked rice or 5 Shari trays.

Trays for Shari

Tray for shari containers with which Nigiri or Rice Balls 
can be stored.
Capacitiy: 60 pcs per tray or 300 pcs of Nigiri / Shari Box

Rice Net

Keeps rice from sticking to inner pot of the rice cooker. Makes rice fluffy & delicious. Reusable after washing.
Size: 1.000 x 1.000 mm

Robot lubricant

Spray the different parts of your sushi machines every morning. With no taste or smell, this spray is perfectly suitable for food contact.

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Over 3000+ Sushi Resturants trust in SUSHI-ROBOTS.NET

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